Why is the Music Forum at the top?

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Here at ReasonForums.com it's all about community and this community is about Propellerheads Reason and everything there is to making great music.
Making great music for some comes easy and for others it takes a lot of time and practice but no matter it's the reason you have Reason and you are here to share it with everyone right?

Ok I see it this way it really is all about the music, we can all talk and talk but in the end it will still be about the music.;)
The Music comes first here at ReasonForums and we have a Radio Station, DJ, TV Station, Newspaper, Magazine and Load Speaker to help you let more people hear your music and it's all free.

There are two great reasons to post your music here in the music forum and they are simple to let share your music and to learn, if you ask people for feedback or just listen to other peoples music and read through any comments left for it. You will get nothing but good respectful feedback here that will help you learn more about the fundamentals of music making for sure.

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