AKAI APC40 mkII mapping?


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Does anyone know how to map the AKAI APC40 mkII to Reason 7.1 ?

There is no driver apparently and Reason doesnt know the name as a control surface.
And when I try to MIDI map it myselg with Reason "override", I experience one of 2 scenarios:
If I choose one of the other AKAI controllers control surface mappings in Reason, then it can only map the 3 first faders on the mixer 14:2.
ANd if I use a the common setting, to make my own, then all faders DOES react inside of Reason.. BUT only when Im mapping.. afterwards it has mapped ALL 8 faders on AKAI controller to the last channel I mapped in Reason! SO all 8 faders change the same 1 channel!
I downloaded a MIDI I/O monitor.. and it showed that the APC40 mkII perfectly sends CC07 on all chanells with 8 different MIDI channels, so its Reason which doesnt understand to program 8 different mixer 14:2 faders, when receiving CC07 data on 8 different MIDI channels!

And another issue is when I try to map toglle buttons like PLAY, MUTE, SOLO... then I have to press the hardware button twice in order to make Reason react!

SO does anyone have a solution on mapping AKAI APC 40mkII to Reason (7.1)?
Maybe somone has done the mapping already?

PS1: I saw a Youtube video showing that its possible to edit the control surface mapping files! But I cannot find the files in Reaosn 7.1 folders!?
PS2: I read in the Reason 7.1 MIDI mapping manual that it seems like it can only receive MIDI data for the first 3 faders on the Mixer 14:2! COuld that REALLY be true? I mean who makes a sequencer program where only 3 channels of a huge mixer can be controlled!? It sounds WAY TOO stupid!
ANd is that the reason why its not working? And will it then never be working?

Thanx in advance


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Cc should be ranging from 0/1 to the amount of control outputs ie faders, pads.
So fader 1, cc1. Fader, cc2 and so on
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