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What is a song made of?


What is a song made of?

It is so awesome that anyone can get a computer, buy a Digital Audio Workstation and start recording music. The ability to do this is just crazy easy these days and with it comes a whole new freshman knowledge base just waiting to learn and spread what they have learned and what they think is true about it. All this is really no more than Art and we all know what Art is. It is the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance and that is it. So there is really no right or wrong there is only ART.....Peace brothers and sisters!


There is a truth about Art and I call it “the knowledge of the tools and methods of Art".

To understand what I am talking about I will offer you this saying "Anyone can go to the store and buy a toolbox but that does not mean they know how to rebuild an engine”. What does an engine have to do with Art, you may be thinking. Well, it has everything to do with art. Have you ever watched a video on these garages that customize cars, that is Art and it is truly the knowledge of the tools and methods of Art, are you starting to understand where I am going here?

Art is first just an idea, a thought that you need to bring to life, and the only way to do this is to believe in your Art and if this is where you are at you will have what it takes if you are willing to learn the knowledge of the tools and methods of Art. The knowledge of the tools and methods of Art is specific to each and every form of Art. What is cool is someone could develop a new Art but they could only do it if they mastered the knowledge of the tools and methods of their new Art.

Ok, I hope you are with me, after all, what I am writing about here is “what is a song made of” and I think it’s time to talk about that. Let's break down a song, it could be any song but it should be a song you like. Once you have picked one I will know ask you to listen to it and ask some questions to the Artists that made that song.

Wait! You do realize that there could be many Artists that were apart of making that song so you will need to be specific. Here are the Artists or should I say all the knowledge and methods in this song you could ask some questions about. Your question could be for the drummer, singer, bass player, engineer, producer.

Matt what the hell are you talking about, I write and play the drums, guitar, bass, and sing all on my own so there is just me, I am the Artist.

Again remember I said you need to know the knowledge of the tools and methods of Art. So let's do this let me ask you the Artist some questions about your song.

What key is it in? What is the chord structure? What is the tuning of your guitar and bass? What timing are you singing to? Ok, those are just a few questions and there are 100’s more. The point here is simply this.

A Song is made of the need of someone or some people that what to share their Art and the better their understanding of the knowledge of the tools and methods of their Art is the better their song will be.

Sonic Singularity

Sonic Singularity

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It’s funny you ask all those questions...and they are absolutely important...but I rarely think of any of it while in the initial creative process. I usually have a melody or chord progression, then develop the melody or chord progressions to match (if that makes sense). Everything else just falls into place. Most of the time I hear the song in my head and it’s already figured out (start to finish). 🤣

That being said, sometimes I get stuck with a bridge or interlude. That’s when I need to look at chord structure, key signatures, time signatures and the like. This helps me figure out a song “mathematically” when it doesn’t just naturally “come out of nowhere”.

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