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What is a song made of?

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What is a song made of?

It is so awesome that anyone can get a computer, buy a Digital Audio Workstation and start recording music. The ability to do this is just crazy easy these days and with it comes a whole new freshman knowledge base just waiting to learn and spread what they have learned and what they think is true about it. All this is really no more than Art and we all know...

The SSL 9000K you have one in Reason

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The SSL 9000K you have one in Reason

Have you ever searched the web for a SSL 9000k plugin? If you have, you will find there are not that many and of the ones you find they would be just one channel plugins. These plugins are not a full mixer and what is kind of odd is that a mixer is not a one-channel device it is a many channel device because it needs to be there for you on every track...

My Struggle

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My Struggle

I remember back in the days when me and my friends would look at the magazines that you could buy that covered everything about Recording, Mixing and Mastering. These magazines where the closest that we could get to a real studio of course there where books you could buy and schools you could go to...

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